Tuesday, December 30, 2014

This City Is Going To Kill Me

I found this blog post in my drafts and I although I DO intend on elaborating on my move and all the art I have created since I left my hometown in October '14, right now, I think this post speaks for itself. 

When I decided to leave, I created 6 stickers and printed a million and stuck them up all around Tucson. It was a love letter to Tucson, and a love letter to everyone cool I left behind.


Marvin in one of my packing boxes...

Before I left, I got to see my favorite inspiration of a musical artist, K.flay! She was so amazing live and so nice to my best friends and I.
Her dope music got me through college and continues to heal me. 

My neighbor and family friend made me this itty bitty, very yummy, going away cake. I loved it! 

How I Beat Shaq

The folder that held my resume/cover letter/etc... Everything must be gold!

I promised a lil update and now that I'm visiting Tucson for the holidays, I finally have time to catch everyone up! In October I packed up all my earthly possessions, filled a uHaul and drove across the country with my papa to start my new job as a production manager at a wholesale stationery company in DC called Haute Papier! Crazy! The whole application, skype interview, offer of job and acceptance took about a week and I moved two weeks later! It was beyond stressful, beyond emotional and beyond surreal. It still doesn't feel like I have moved, it just feels like a weird vacation where I don't know anyone for thousands of miles...
Anyways, I wanted to share how I approached getting jobs after college... It was something everyone in art school tried to scare you with, but I decided to have a little fun with it and hope someone would appreciate my work. Haute Papier was like the third place I applied to, so I honestly was very lucky to get noticed and loved! I sent a mini portfolio in a handmade box with my saguaro pattern on it, a mixtape (because it explains who I am even better) and of course my resume, cover letter, references, business cards and STICKERS!!! 

It ended up being the perfect fit and I really enjoy the sweet people I work with and being surrounded my letterpress machines and ink and pretty, pretty stationery. I'm learning a lot, I am being pushed and challenged and I am growing as an employee and manager everyday! It's all an interesting ride and every day is a challenge when you're alone in a big city, but it's a challenge I'm up for! 

(Anyone like the cool Aaron Carter reference in the title? No? Cool.)