Tuesday, December 30, 2014

How I Beat Shaq

The folder that held my resume/cover letter/etc... Everything must be gold!

I promised a lil update and now that I'm visiting Tucson for the holidays, I finally have time to catch everyone up! In October I packed up all my earthly possessions, filled a uHaul and drove across the country with my papa to start my new job as a production manager at a wholesale stationery company in DC called Haute Papier! Crazy! The whole application, skype interview, offer of job and acceptance took about a week and I moved two weeks later! It was beyond stressful, beyond emotional and beyond surreal. It still doesn't feel like I have moved, it just feels like a weird vacation where I don't know anyone for thousands of miles...
Anyways, I wanted to share how I approached getting jobs after college... It was something everyone in art school tried to scare you with, but I decided to have a little fun with it and hope someone would appreciate my work. Haute Papier was like the third place I applied to, so I honestly was very lucky to get noticed and loved! I sent a mini portfolio in a handmade box with my saguaro pattern on it, a mixtape (because it explains who I am even better) and of course my resume, cover letter, references, business cards and STICKERS!!! 

It ended up being the perfect fit and I really enjoy the sweet people I work with and being surrounded my letterpress machines and ink and pretty, pretty stationery. I'm learning a lot, I am being pushed and challenged and I am growing as an employee and manager everyday! It's all an interesting ride and every day is a challenge when you're alone in a big city, but it's a challenge I'm up for! 

(Anyone like the cool Aaron Carter reference in the title? No? Cool.)

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