Thursday, May 19, 2016

I'm Headed DOWNTOWN!

As you know, I work with StudioDIY to create some kick butt, totally cute graphics and printables for their cool and colorful blog! I love it, truly.

Here is one of the projects I finished in March that just got blogged about! (Side note: SO hard to keep an exciting project secret for so long! But I DID IT.)

Anyways, it's a Choose Your Own Adventure guide to how to successfully spend a day in Downtown L.A. and it looks like SO much fun! Road trip, anyone?... Like for serious. 

Number one reason it looks so AMAZING is all the yum snacks! Food is my most favorite expense and hobby. (StudioDIY, you have my heart.)

It involved a lot of lettering, which I am totally about! But I can be so picky about how my writing looks, so even though it looks cute and casual, I put in some major love perfecting it all!

Anywho, fun project and I made a cute little Instagram teaser too :) 
I painted a palm tree quick and made a pattern and laid the title of the piece on top!  (Funny story, I didn't have ANY palms in the original piece, but after making the teaser all about them... I had to add them at the top of the guide! Cohesion. Oops.)

The silly pattern.

The Instagram teaser!
Another version of a potential Instagram teaser- this one was unused but I still like it :)
(Rough texture of the letters is from actual gouache painting of words that were scanned in.)

Always looking forward to working with StudioDIY again! If you want to check the post out for yourself (you should!!!,) just click here!

And for the heck of it (and to pay homage to the title of this post...)

Ooooh, Mack is too real. 

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