Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Pryor Experience

One great thing about DC was all the talented people I worked with and learned from. You'll find good people no matter where you go, (I think I stole that line from a Paul Simon song...) but I am incredibly lucky to find the people I did. I'm a firm believer of supporting anyone I can with their creative endeavors/passions because no one grows without love. (I learned that from experience. Or maybe from another song, I don't know.) Anyways, I'm so grateful to be surrounded by people who lift me up and support even my weakest attempts at art- I'm growing because you guys push me to! (UGH, cheesy, I know.) Point is, I hope I can be a cheerleader to anyone out there busting their bumps doing what they love to do! (Cheerleader figuratively of course, I'm too gross to be part of any pyramid or pom pom formation.)

(You guys tired of me putting all my inner thoughts into annoying parentheses? Yeah, me too. I'll stop.)

The good thing is that it is easy to support the people in my life when they are so damn talented! Keep doing the hard creative part and I'll just be over here crying, obnoxiously yelling "CAN I BE YOU?!" and just generally fan-girling hard. I can't measure up to how great the people I surround myself are, but god damn, you guys inspire me to be not nearly as crappy as I actually am.

"Pizza Anytime" pizza bagel pin (YUM!) and "Do You Have It" Nickelodeon GUTS pin ('90's reference.)

Thanks Carly for sending me some pin love- I'm obsessed with you!!! Thanks for also being my friend when I moved across the country and literally didn't know a single soul. And for introducing me to roller derby. And for eating all the cookies at work that one time.

Visit Carly's website/Instagram/etsy to treat your eyes to some cuteness. Like, do it guys. 

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