Sunday, June 5, 2016


Hey cuties! A quick post with too many photos so skip this if you don't want to see my face and/or my art. (Side note, I did lose like 5 followers because I posted a photo of my face on my Instagram... Never again.)


Here is me, looking surly as ever at my art show this weekend. (My job requires I wake up at 4 am, so don't judge how gross I am.) I won the "honorable mention" award, which felt like salt in the wound. I'm not a sore loser by any means, it just reminded me of 1st grade Track and Field where I got a TON of purple "Participation awards" that still haunt me from my childhood closet stored snuggly in a box of bad memories.

Note: double chin. I AM HUMAN.

Look at that green and gold... Damn! 

Anyways, I was incredibly honored and happy to be part of this art show! And to get recognized in any way, shape or (ribbon) form. It was a very cool group of young adults making a really vast array of art. Everyone was SUPER talented and represented the desert landscape we live in in such cool, beautiful ways! There were only 11 of us, but this was the SNP's first ever art show so that was a decent group. Above you can see my set up for the show. I was selling all the pieces, but unfortunately there were no sales... Yet! (Postcards have just been posted on etsy and pillows will be listed soon!)

Made some postcards and bought a nice display for them!

If you know me or my art, I am very much about repetition and functionality. I like the idea of spending time and love creating an image and then shrinking it down to be a small part of a larger pattern. The idea of the power of repetitious imagery is something I am continually exploring. I am also super into making art that can be used and loved. As someone who studied fine art and as someone who has so many prints and beautiful pieces surrounding me in my daily life, I like the idea of taking things off the wall and putting them into the hands of the buyer. Art is always seen on a pedestal or behind a protective layer of glass, which is great! But as someone who has worked in the art world and who is a consumer of all things artsy, I know that if a piece has dual functionality, the most likely it will be purchased. What I mean by this is, I'm more likely to buy a tote bag with a beautiful design on it, then buy the same design as an expensive piece of framed art (although I am guilty of that as well.) I like being able to use the art I buy and show off my taste and show off the artist as well! So creating postcards and pillows etc is my way of getting my art into the world and having people utilize it on a daily basis. Form and functionality, I guess if I had to sum it all up. (RAMBLING! Sorry.)

The BEAUTIFUL sunset at the Saguaro National Park last night! The art show was kind of in the middle of nowhere, SO far from the city (50 minutes to be exact) but the views and the vegetation was really breathtaking. Never gets old. Go visit it.

More postcard pictures, oh my gosh.

More photos of the art show and Laura's beautiful prints when they are posted online for me to steal... I wasn't too good at documenting anyone else's work but mine... Selfish. 

A 13x13 square pillow.

Here is one of the pillows I made for the show. So super cute, (if you don't mind me saying.) Mint canvas with embroidered printed front and a cotton flour sack printed back. 

The back of the mint pillow.

A 13x16 rectangular pillow (the front.)
Purple cotton front and cotton flour sack printed back. So sweet and beautiful. 

The backside of the purple pillow.

Anyways, I'm slowly getting back into making products and selling my art. Hope that makes you guys at least half as stoked as I am!

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