Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Weekend Plans

Dumb, quick flyer I made because I didn't super love the "official" flyers that were made.
Oops. No offense.

Got weekend plans yet? Now you do. Come to the SNP's first Youth Art show. (Youths are apparently anyone from 17-25, which explains why I'm so youthful... Sike, I'm old.) I have a piece being shown and I'm selling some home goods and stationery as well. PLUS! Laura Perry will be showing off and selling her printmaking pieces, which are certifiably rad! It's the first time me and my best friend will be showing work at the same show (since like, elementary school when it doesn't even count...) AND it's my first art show since 2014. Groundbreaking.

June 3rd and 4th, 6-8. See ya there.

Psst. Does the flyer look sort of familiar? Totally used the reference photo I took at the SNP a couple posts down and photoshopped it! I obviously took a bunch of photos when I visited, but I just liked how stoic that guy looked, thus the reuse! Unoriginal, I know.

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