Sunday, November 20, 2016

Tickets to the Gun Show

Have you ever did something as a joke but then somehow it stopped being a joke and just became a really important part of your self identity? I can't stop finger gunning everyone I see. It has become a habitual mannerism and it's so much easier than saying "hi" or "Good Morning!" or "Yo, Sup?" 

I just let my fingers do the talking and I keep walking. I kind of hate myself for being such a tool, but also, do I look really cool doing it??? Probably. 

I can't stop and honestly, I won't. Who knows, I might even make the hang loose Shaka cool again. (Or was it never not cool? I'll leave you to ponder that...)

*Finger guns* I'm out. 

Dolly Parton looking cool as fudge, finger gunning.

I have only been wanting to listen to whiny 90's music lately. If you hear me blasting jams as I drive by, just know this is what I'm listening to on repeat. Haters gonna hate. 👋

Alright, I'm done. I'm going to go cry to some Enya. LOL.

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