Friday, December 9, 2016


After much internal debate, I think I'm just going to make this blog an Emily Orzel fan page? Cause it essentially already is, am I right? Let's make it official.

Look at this cool interview she did recently and look at how much the internet loves her!

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My friend, being interviewed. Psh, it's cool. Whatever, just BFFs with an actual celebrity. Not panicking right now. Shoulder shrug.

NAH. So cool. Such a sweet piece written about her and her answers are very much two thumbs up.

And uh, you know, she just mentions me. Like, I started crying in the lunch room when I read this at work and saw my name. Who thinks about me when they are getting interviewed ABOUT THEMSELVES?! Who thinks of me at all?!? Nuts.

If you want my autograph, let me know. THX.

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