Sunday, December 4, 2016

Weekend Snippets

Thanks Amazon Prime for delivering this on its release day, thanks also for shattering the case. Sweet of you. 

Spent the weekend working and listening to too much Gambino and buying so much cutie art from my friends. Can't complain, won't complain. 

Got my one Cyber Monday purchase this week and it was too beautiful not to photograph? I bought too much lip balm and then also like brow gel and concealer because my face is mostly composed of eyebrows and zits. Love Glossier's branding and design and their products are top notch too, obviously.

After work on Saturday, my friend and I rushed over to Cultivate Tucson on 6th Avenue to visit all the hippest creatives in Tucson. Cultivate has got to be one of the coolest events in Tucson and I felt intimidated (and inspired) by all the beautiful creators there. Emily Orzel, my friend who I talk about like she is a saint (she is!!!) had a beautiful booth there and I basically raided it. I pushed people out of the way and grabbed everything my hands could get ahold of. Not proud of my actions, but not embarrassed either.
Emily Orzel prints. I need to become a worrier warrior because right now, my anxiety is always winning. Also, I believe so much in breakfast food and wish I could eat it always. 
Snagged these HAND SEWN HAND SCREEN PRINTED flags (or sport triangles as Paul so eloquently called them) and I am so obsessed. These guys sold out so quick at Emily's show and I basically begged her to save me two and I feel really guilty being so selfish but also... I needed them an insane amount. So, so beautiful.

This is Emily's beautiful booth set up. Her aesthetic is always on point and everyone was loving what she was putting out into the world. 

Stole (borrowed?) this photo from Emily because it's so beautiful and I also wanted to talk more about her flags! She made them in three colors and they went like hot cakes. If you're interested in one, contact Emily and ask nicely because I'm sure there will be some sort of waiting list for these beauties. But like all good things, it will be worth the wait. 

I swear I'm not completely obsessed with cacti, just kind of sort of. Bought this ring from an old classmate who is KILLING IT in the metal working game. We took jewelry making together a couple years back and I'm embarrassed at how terrible I am compared to her. Spring Winders' wearable art is sold in a lot of shops in Tucson, like Pop-Cycle on 4th. 

Spring Winders aka Helitrope Metal is one of my favorite jewelry makers. I say that because I think a crazy high percentage of my rings and necklaces are her creation. I just think she is the coolest and makes real quality stuff that handles all the wear and tear I put on my jewelry. Check her out!

Then on Sunday morning, I was surprised to see my momma's art front and center on the Home Section of the Arizona Daily Star! A whole half page dedicated to her cool wind chimes. She's basically Tucson Famous. You can buy her art at Tohono Chul Park, Tucson Botanical Gardens, or Southwest Gardener in Phoenix. Super unique Christmas gift, just saying...


PS. I also ate a weird amount of marshmallows this weekend. I don't think I even like them that much... 

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