Saturday, February 28, 2015

Kim Kardashian

I mentioned a couple months ago, at the height of my embroidery craze, that I was commissioned to make handkerchiefs for an old art school classmate/friend for her wedding. Totally surprised and excited and honored to be part of anyone's special day!

Quick handwriting trials to send to Sue (the bride!) to get her opinion and approval of the design. We went with the top cursive one!

A few shots of the handkerchiefs in the process of being embroidered! Although I didn't include photos of it, the dying process to get a charcoal-y gray was incredibly tedious. Gray is not an easy color to achieve because there are so many shades of it (hahahaha.) And all the dyes are either blue-black or yellow-gray. I ended up dying all the hankies 3 times, first blue-black, then yellow-gray, then in a diluted blue-black bath. It was complicated and all the hankies have a slightly different hue, but that just makes them unique! Right?! Moral of the story: send your fabrics to be professionally dyed. 

I finished the majority of the hankies (except 1.5) back at home in Tucson. When I moved, I brought them with me and after a couple months of settling in and adjusting to a completely different lifestyle (Sorry, Sue!) I finally finished the last couple hankies. 

Embroidering in bed, where else?! Golden scissors can be bought at

I searched high and low for little heart charms to attach to the hankies because... you know, love and stuff, and after a handful of stores, I found these little cuties that I thought made the hankies a little more special.

I made a baker's dozen of these hankies (13, duh!) And I think they are so cute and funny and a perfect addition to a lovely wedding! 

(No ugly crying! So Kim K., Farrah from Teen Mom and yours truly aren't allowed to cry at these nuptials. We all look like scared raisins when we shed a tear. Ew.)

I packaged them in little organza gift bags and sent them off last weekend, along with a couple little treats!

I print these notepads (along with a lot of other things) at my job here in DC! Once I saw this was one of our new designs, I had to buy and print one for the soon-to-be Mrs.!  
(Interested? Check out 

And I also sent a couple little letterpress cards I got to print at work at our Valentine's day party! So cute!

This commission was truly so much fun! Thanks, Sue!

If you're interested in commissioning me to make something cool for you, embroidered or not! Feel free to email me and we can chat! :)