Wednesday, May 28, 2014

College Graduate!

I'm a college graduate! I'm a college graduate!! I keep saying that because it still feels SO unreal. I've worked so hard in college the past five years and dreamt of the day I'd finally be done and now it has come and passed and... wow! I'm a college graduate!

As I mentioned, after NY I had one last final project to finish up! My independent study project was the only thing left and I work on it with my best friend/art inspiration, Emily Orzel. She's my art soul-mate and we love the same things and we work SO SO SO well together. Last semester, we created our dream project that we have been talking about for years. It's a zine called "Washed Out" and it features lots of illustrations of things we love. We had two issues done that were based on snacks and music and this semester we made two more! On the left is our Television issue and the right is our Threads/Apparel/Clothes issue! Underneath are the goodies that we send out with the zines! We shrinky dinked our illustrations and made them into badges/pins and earrings! The TV issue has a lot of Netflix badge and the clothes issue has a lot of birkenstocks and diamonds and glasses!

Here is an example of how one of my spreads looks:
It's Louis CK! I just finished watching Louie on Netflix and I'm so excited for all the new episodes! He is a very smart comedian and this quote makes me laugh a lot. Quick, grumpy watercolor sketch.

If you want to learn more about our collaborative project check out our blog here! And if you are interested in buying an issue, please click here! :)

Anyways, after finishing up that project and presenting it to my art mentor, Emily and I were done with art school! Well... we still had to decorate our mortar boards! It took us forever, but Emily finally came up with the perfect phrase for us to put on our boards...

Critique this! It's so sassy and perfect. Gold glitter was a must we decided but otherwise, we made our designs on our own at home! I cut out fabric and glued it on and Emily used puffy paint. They both turned out so cool and our classmates loved them. Surprisingly a lot of art students didn't decorate their hats! You'd think us creatively minded would be excited to but I guess a lot of us were burnt out. Totally understandable! I was for sure too!

Here's a little picture of my grandmother and I! She came down from Iowa just to see me graduate. So sweet.

A shot right before we entered Centennial hall! Emily, Spencer, and I! They are truly the reason I made it through school. Extremely talented/funny/nice.

Emily took this photo so all compliments should be directed at her but this is from our second ceremony with our entire graduating class! Seven thousand students! Insane! The ceremony was unbearable hot and kind of terrible (six kids passed out from the heat/dehydration and EMTs had to be brought in...) but the fireworks at the end were mind blowing.

Ah! It still feels so weird. In the best way! :) xoxo

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