Saturday, June 28, 2014

Can't sleep.

It's late again, and my brain won't turn off! Hopefully a lil blog update will get some thoughts off my head and I can snooze soon!

An exhausting week personally as I had to say goodbye to my best friend who moved to Peru. I won't see her for a year and it's been strange to think about! Who knows what anything will be like in a year!  That's how it goes though. We're all growing up and moving and doing things! So happy she is loving it and loving what she is doing. I can only hope I'll be that lucky too. I'm patient :) 

Anyways, because of this weird transition period I needed to get my hands busy so my brain wouldn't be working overtime! I went back to embroidering this week because it's incredibly therapeutic. Crafting words in delicate cloth with sharp needles makes you feel better every time, promise. 

I bought a bunch of handkerchiefs and decided to be punny! I have a lot of little sayings I wanna try out, so it should be fun!

I'm interested in selling them too, people seem to like what they see so far so that's encouraging. It's all for fun, but I definitely don't need a million hankies laying around my house if other people want 'em! 

This one is my favorite so far. It's for soaking up tears! A subtle reminder that you can't control everything and it's not worth all the stress and sadness! White thread on white. 

I'm working on more so once I get them finished, I'll keep updating this. Hopefully that's not too pesky and annoying.

One of my old classmates/friends saw these and wants some for her upcoming wedding. So stoked already! 

It's fun making fun things. 
Anyways, it's time to toss and turn! xoxo

Ps. I'm WAY behind in everything hip but I just found the 40 days of dating blog and I obsessively read 35 days all tonight. It's such a cool concept with such talented designers! Love their little handwritten notes and wisdom and how they got other amazing designer/illustrators to letter some of their key words. It's just very cool and honest and well executed! 

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