Sunday, June 1, 2014

What Home Looks Like

Small preview of this repetitive saguaro pattern I just finished up! As you can see in the previous post, I watercolored all the cacti and then today, I scanned, arranged and patterned them. I'm getting pretty good at making repetitive patterns and I'm so excited about it! I can make miles and miles of this! Print it on cloth or print it on paper! Make clothes, make wallpaper, make wrapping paper, cards... Everything.

Saguaros make up the landscape of where I live and where I grew up and lately I see them all over the internet. It's just kind funny because people who have never seen a real saguaro draw them so static (nothing wrong with that, I still love their interpretations of them!) But really... They're lumpy, they have weirdly placed arms (some have no arms at all! Takes 100 years before they can grow,) they have "boots" and birds nests and javelina chew on them too! They are all so unique and strange and I never really see them portrayed that way. I don't know if I did them any more justice, but this shows a range of colors and how different they can be! I can't WAIT to start making things with this pattern. Really happy and excited. (I might soften the orange background too, but right now it reminds me of the red dirt you can find here and the orange sunsets too... Hmm... We'll see!)

Edit: Now I'm drawing little thorns on the cacti in Photoshop... Everything is a work in progress!

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