Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Not-So-Wise Teeth

Confession: I don't think my wisdom teeth are all that smart. No. In fact, I know they're not. After 4 oral surgeon consultations and a cat scan, I found out that I'm some sort of medical anomaly. My wisdom teeth are very, very confused.

I was stoked to get my wisdom teeth finally removed but alas! My mouth has other plans. My oral surgeon has "never seen anything like it." Three of my wisdoms are declared "impossible" to operate on... COOL. My bottom two have laced themselves directly around my nerve making them inoperable unless I'm fine with losing complete feeling in my face (pause) for forever. Hmmm... The top left is growing directly into my last molar's roots making that a two-for-one deal. And my top right... Well, that one is growing in normally and is going to be yanked out next week!

It has been a stressful couple weeks but I guess those three guys and I are ending up being friends for life. I just hope they cool it with the uncomfortable aches.

You're definitely getting on my nerves, wisdom teeth! Urgh.

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