Saturday, March 7, 2015

Dani Doodles

Momma D overnighted me some real Mexican food so I could survive in Virginia.

Brush yo shoulders off.

Marvin and Oreo turned 1 so I did some realistic cat portraits of them.

Can't say I've been feelin' very creative these past couple months, but here are some things I managed to bleed out of myself. Nothing fancy. I've been exhausted.

Day lights saving- fall back.

My friend got a tattoo of my lettering.

Need a hug.

Tattoo ideas for people.


This isn't art, this was Fall.

A quote from the tv show, Californication.

Thanksgiving doodle.

Self portrait.

From when I was finally flying home for Christmas.
My coworker and friend made me homemade chili and macaroni (Ohio style!) just because she knows I hate cooking. So yummy and so appreciated! This is a little card I made her.

Christmas presents for my bosses.
My next door neighbor is the worst. Portrait of them in objects.

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