Saturday, March 12, 2016

A Way With Words...

If you ever speak to me, ever, I will memorize every word you say and replay it in my mind and analyze the shit out of it, no matter why or who or when or where or any of the other "w's." Part of that is because I'm a sensitive girl with feelings and the other part is because I'm introverted and anxious as hell and think constantly even though I really really don't want to. 

Anyways, I usually write out a lot of the words people say to me in my sketchbook- just to get them out of my brain and onto some paper. I make them look pretty or ugly (depending on how they were directed at me, which may seem obvious but... ) and this sentence from last night, kept playing in my mind. Pretty funny thing to say to someone, but also a pretty okay compliment.

Of course, I had to decide to make each letter out of sunflower seed illustrations and that was fun and tedious and kind of a painful creative decision on my part.

Anyways, here's some word art for you to look at and laugh at and wonder about and make fun of. Try it out on all the ladies and gents out there! I heard it works best with birds and other critters that have a seed-based diet. 

♥ ♥ ♥

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