Thursday, June 16, 2016

Mystery Team

What does a burger, a cell phone and peebeejay have in common? No clue. But if you quick (!) go sign up for StudioDIY's newsletter, the mystery will be solved tomorrow morning! Kelly sends a once a week, totally cute roundup email and she'll be giving away 3 of my stationery designs. Exciting!

I'll share the designs later this week, but if you want the first peeks, head on ova to the StudioDIY blog! Like, cmon guys. 

Ps. Life has been kicking my butt the past (long pause---) forever and this commish was tough!!! But SO fun! And turned out cute as fudge... 
Working real early in the morning and being sick and snotty AND trying to stay up late to finish quick projects is testing me mentally/physically/emotionally but I'm still alive. Success. 

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