Monday, August 29, 2016

The Emily Orzel Fan Club

Sup homies! I am the president and founder of the Emily Orzel Fan Club and I just want to talk for a second about how great my friend is.

Emily is the epitome of cool and stylish and talented. We met up in art school and I have just been running to catch up to her greatness ever since! And I suck at running!!!

Even though I am a trillion miles behind, I have always been proud to have her as a friend and like always wondered why anyone AS cool AS her would associate with me. I am learning not to question it because I'm very content with the current situation. (Minus I want to hang with her more and our work schedules are very conflicting. That's one thing I am not cool with.) 

Anyways, Emily has been pumping out the art like crazy lately and I'm very stoked on it every time I look on my IG feed. It's so colorful and sweet and edgy and everything I want to be and more. Not only impressed with her craft but with her constant and consistent output! As someone who currently does not have a working computer and who weeps every time she opens her sketchbook, seeing my friend make beautiful art every god damn day is dreamy as fudge! Like, gorgeous. 

So lucky to have talented people like her in my life. Truly, truly. Anyways, I'm going back to working my warehouse job and collecting my tears in a jar. 

Check out Emily at:

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