Thursday, October 27, 2016

Long Live Linen!

I got a box full of linen canvas in the mail yesterday. Oh! And it all just happened to also have some of my art printed on it. What. Thanks, Spoonflower

Working with textiles is my dream. There is something about seeing your work on cloth that just makes it feel... substantial? 

One week until my art show and I'm trying to not panic. I ran into a few obstacles with some of the vendors that I am working with but for now, I'm going to just drape myself in linen and pretend everything is going to be alright. 

I never want to be right.
Thanks linen for being such a breathable, classy fabric.  

PS. I have spent a lot of money getting fabric printed a lot of different places and honestly, Spoonflower KILLS it. With other print shops, the colors are way off, the images are grainy, the fabric is too wide of a gauge and eats the pattern up. Never have I ever had a problem with Spoonflower. Beautiful and accurate every damn time.

PPS. Baby Danielle from 1998 wants to wants to wish you a Happy Halloween!

Never not had chubby cheeks, crazy hair or weird glasses. 

My friend from forever sent me this picture randomly when she was back home visiting her family and I just wanted to share it because I see a lot of 2016 Danielle potential in there. Like, I feel like I make that same face at work every time I feel awkward and shy. Awh. Also, never was I ever cute. 

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