Friday, November 11, 2016

Pay Attention to Me, Internet!

Super last minute banner, but gold forever.

I want to quickly say a big THANK YOU to everyone who stopped by my booth last weekend, said sweet things to me and purchased some of my weird, terrible art. It really meant so much to me. I'm truly lucky to have people care about me and to have sold so much stuff to so many nice human beings. I wanted to post a little something to show everyone who could not make it what it was all about. I plan to post my extras online to purchase. No future shows have been planned... yet.

This unflattering photo of myself looking super grumpy and chubby was posted on the internet. This is my ~true~ self. 
Got some spiral notebooks made if you're a nerd and like paper. 

At one point, a woman walked by my booth was was like "whoa, someone likes cacti..." and I was like, yeah I'm trying to appeal to a desert-based dynamic... and she laughed. I just feel like I need to clarify that I do like other things other than cacti... I am painting a lot of prickly things because one, you see cacti products EVERY WHERE and no one accurately represents them like I attempt to and two, right now if it has a cactus on it, people will buy it. It's like Portlandia's "Put a Bird on It" mentality. Put a cacti on it... and sold! 

I love cacti though, so the woman was not wrong.

This is Emily and Spencer's cat, Opie. He seems to be a fan of my work, and heck, I'm a big fan of his.
After working at a stationery company for a year and a half and printing and assembling thousands and thousands of notepads, I of course had to sell my own.

I made my first run of "Crap to Buy," "Shit to Do," and "Bitches to Call" notepads back in college. They were all letterpressed and super time consuming. I wanted to make more for this show, so I found a pad vendor and ordered them... This is the only pad style they would print for me because my other designs were "too vulgar." Like, the company's CEO refused to. LOL. Okay!
I made this pattern so long ago but never had it printed and it is so pink and happy and thats so different from how I feel, but I really love it. Peonies, by the way.

Can I plug Ikea bags for a second? I use them for everything. Everything. I think I have like, 4 in my car right now. They are huge and durable and look, they hold a ton of pillows.

I made little dish towels with my patterns on them and they sold out the first day so I had to go home and sew up a bunch more! Who knew you guys like washing your dishes so much? 

I also got to meet and hang out with a bunch of really cool vendors and they were all so nice to me and I want to hug them forever? Regina Lord was one of those talented vendors and I bought her cute little Frida mirror and this too true pin that I immediately put on my knapsack. Her illustrations are so beautiful and I can't wait to buy more. 

So cool/so weird to see people like my stuff in real life. I'm very surprised to see my "art" making people happy, it's very surreal and wow. Crying. 

Last thing: Emily Orzel, my dear friend, brought me these beautiful prints and I'm so in love. She is selling her work at Tucson's MOCA and that's a VERY big deal and I am so happy. Nothing better than seeing people you love doing amazing things. 

Thanks again, everyone! ♥     

Okay! Enough about me, let's focus on Childish Gambino and collectively count down to his new album drop in 21 days!!!!!!!! Lemme just play this over and over until I go deaf. 

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