Sunday, November 27, 2016

Thankful as Fudge.

Nothing like a holiday dedicated to food and family (two of my favorite things) to make you remember how god damn lucky you are. I'm so thankful for so much and even though I am a baby who complains 95% of the day, I am truly OKAY with what life is dishing out for me. I'm lucky to be able to be home this year for Thanksgiving instead of thousands of miles away, I'm lucky to be in a healthier mental state than I was a year ago, I'm lucky to be living and surrounded by really good people?!?

I'm especially lucky/thankful that one of my best friends came home from Connecticut for the week. I haven't seen her in almost a year! BUT we have been friends since the beginning (aka second grade) and when you have been friends with someone for like 18 years, you can handle long distance. I sent her home with one of my pillows so she'd have a little piece of Tucson (and me!?! Is that creepy?) with her this winter. How cute is her apartment?! I'm in love. Like, I can't wait to visit and sleep on that futon.


PS. My besties and I color coordinate unintentionally when we go out on Pre-Thanksgiving. So good to be all together again. 

Can we focus on my tight new golden unicorn lamp while we're at it? It's on my art desk and I just stare at it like I'm a moth. Obsessed. I'm a grown up, I swear. Kind of.  

Snagged this Daisy Native shirt too because it has my actual life motto on it and I got made fun of a lot at work for it, but uhhhh why would you not be a fan of women empowering other women? And why wouldn't you be completely against catty girls hating ladies because they are successful or happy? Supporting everyone, for forever. #girlpower

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