Monday, February 17, 2014

Bloggin' like it's 2005!

I haven't used my blog is actual years. I used to post angsty things back in high school and upon uncovering this ancient URL, I did have a good chuckle at the woes of 17 year old Danielle. (I can be quite dramatic.) Although hilarious, I've cleaned the slate! I plan to put this blog to good use. Hopefully with less whining, although that can never really be guaranteed... Anyways,  I decided to get back to blogging because a lot of really great artists blog about their work and process.  I, myself, have high aspirations of being thought of as "really great" by people other than my mom... and my cats. (I just referred to my cats as people. I don't know.) But hey! Let's catch up.

I've got a MAJOR case of heart eyes.
So stoked to be holding six awards in front of two of my pieces.

This past Friday was the University of Arizona's 38th Annual Visual Communications show. These shows are always really cool because we plaster the walls with the selected art and you're surrounded with the year's best pieces. A lot of the projects you haven't had the privilege to see because you're in different classes than your peers, so it's always exciting! This year I guess 300+ projects were submitted (our biggest yet!) and 60ish were selected for the show. I somehow managed to get five of my pieces in and ended up winning (alongside my best friend, Emily) the Best in Show award! I also won five others in various categories! It's always a surprise being picked as a winner because nothing of yours seems to compare to the beauty of something new someone you respect created. As always, I am very grateful and humbled that people like looking at things I create. Thanks, guys!

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