Saturday, March 1, 2014

Pretty Girls and Pretty Flowers

One of my dear friends, Hayley, asked me to draw her a little something that may or may not get inked on her body! (But for now, it's a perfect piece to hang on a wall! Tattoos are a big commitment, guys.) She had a couple images she liked but wanted to make some changes and wanted me to draw it up. Pretty cool. Especially since I love drawing pretty things like flowers and girls.

I kept sending Hayley a million messages with slight changes because I was being really particular about how this turned out. Is the eye too big? Do you like the eye crease? Too pervy looking? Too many flowers? Are these flowers ugly? Does her cheek circle look funny? I wanted whatever I drew to be perfect cause Hayley deserves the best. We couldn't decide if we liked the girl with her eyes opened or closed. She looks pretty both ways, but having them closed makes more sense since we realized she didn't know who the girl was and it wasn't supposed to be a tribute or anything of the sort!

Anyways, drawing something from someone's imagination is always fun, especially when you and that person think so much alike! Hayley and I have really similar taste so this was super easy and I really love how it turned out! ♥

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