Thursday, May 1, 2014

BFA Show Postcard

So, the embroidery I did a little while ago got chosen as the postcard design for this year's BFA show! The process of was sort of tedious, but in the end, worth it. I scanned in my piece, edited it (the cloth was fairly thin, so the backside with the loose ends kind of showed in the scan,) added the "2014" and "BFA" digitally and made a back with all the details. They printed out so nicely and are a nice 5.5x7.5 size and are just really beautiful. I am so happy to represent my graduating class. 

Anyways, the show is tomorrow night! I am excited to see all my classmate's work and see how they organized the gallery! There are so many students graduating this semester, it must have been a nightmare getting it all put together.
Last week was filled with stress and scrambling to get all the last minute things done for my senior project so it will be rewarding to see it all displayed.
My last art school show... so bittersweet. I'm excited and nervous for what will come next.

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