Saturday, May 3, 2014

Final College Art Show

So weird that last night was my last college art show. Honestly, I was kind of bummed out about it... I learned a lot about myself and my art the past five years, and it all kind of hit me at the reception. But on a happier note, it was amazing seeing all my fellow graduating student's art! Some that I have grown with as artists and some that I have never really met! A room full of talent is always overwhelming, in the best way.
My rack before the show when I first turned it into the gallery.

My senior project was designing textiles, something I have never done before! It was fun but surprisingly very expensive. I made a dress, skirt, tote bags, a clothespin bag, a hamper bag and a bunch of swatches (plus a swatch book.) The purpose wasn't fashion/style, it was about the application of illustrations and being able to directly interact/appreciate/utilize art on a daily basis. But I guess in a stylish way... So. Fashion too a little. The hardest part was finding a way to display it successfully, the second-hand store rack was a savior and with a couple coats of champagne gold spray paint, it was as good as new! My line was called "Over & Over."

Me cheesing in front of my rack.

Despite my bad mood blues, I was really appreciative of the feedback and the friends/family that did show up! Wish everyone was able to come and see our hard work but... oh well!
Everything is coming to a close but I have so much to do before I finally graduate! Off to work on the finishing touches! xoxo

Pssst. Here are some in progress/up close pictures of my project!
Left: Ended up with so many pins in the sleeve of my shirt while I was sewing. Right: In progress shot of the bodice of the clothespin dress.
The cloth tags that I safety pinned onto my dress, skirt, totes... etc.
After I cut my 76 page sample book at the guillotine at school, I was very excited.

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