Thursday, September 4, 2014

An Important Cause

September is National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month and although I'll try not to get emotional in this post, I must warn you, this is a very important and near and dear cause to me! This disease whispers and has affected the lives of the ones I love and my life too. I won't get into the details, but Ovarian Cancer has taken the life of a wonderful, sweet and influential woman in my life in this past year and raising awareness has never seemed more urgent or important to me. For those who aren't familiar with this strain of cancer, the symptoms are vague and silent and there are no effective early screening tests to detect it. This means that it often reaches its third or fourth stage in women before it is caught.

Please know the symptoms! Please tell your sisters, your daughters, your mother, your grandmas and your aunts about this! Make sure your friends are all aware too! If you have persistent bloating, abdominal pain, trouble eating or frequent urination go see the doctor! These are potential signs. Visit for more information!

Do you want to help out this month?! I would love and appreciate it if you did! It's really easy. You can paint your toes teal (#tealtoes) and wear teal every Tuesday of September! (#whyteal) When people compliment your nails or your outfit, you can inform them about Ovarian cancer and it's symptoms! This truly makes a difference! There are also walk/runs and other fun events that you can participate that are held this month all around the United States! The Ovarian Cancer website will direct you to those events.

You can also share these images I created to your friends, family, coworkers... etc! Posting these on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter can really spread awareness! You can even print them out and hang them on bulletin boards.

This is sized to be the perfect Facebook Cover Photo! Please feel free to use and spread the word!!

Share this post. Share these images. Share this information.
Let's inform, prevent and fight this disease!
Thanks, guys!

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