Thursday, September 4, 2014

Doodling Doodles!

Here are a few of the stickers I mentioned in the last post in real life Oklahoma action! Don't worry guys, they are just paper stickers, so they're easy to remove and will wash away with the rains! Nothing has been permanently damaged, just temporarily beautified! :)

I hope these cheered up people who walked past and saw them! :)

Here are a few other little things I have done this summer but haven't had the chance to share yet!

I have been working like a mad woman in my sketchbooks lately! I finished 3 (almost 4!) sketchbooks in the past 3 months and it's been really nice keeping up this healthy, creative habit. Above is a quick (15-30) minute marker sketch of Dame Edna that I colored with crayons. She's a real character and fun to draw!

Above is another quick sketch, this one of Brooks Nielsen of the band, Los Growlers. He has fabulous hair and I just had to sketch it.

This is my interpretation of Thomas Jefferson. As I said, I have been drawing everything... and sometimes I run out of ideas to draw so I grab whatever I can find around me and draw that. That's not to say that I just have twenty dollar bills laying around everywhere I go... I wish! No, I just found this guy in my wallet and had to draw that face. Kind of looks like a weird Josh Groban more than ol' Tommy but hey. Practice is practice.

Some of my sketches I like so much that I work on them on the computer and polish them up! Here is one example of that:

It's just a funny little typographic drawing I made referencing my friend who pinky promises to hang out with us and then consistently bails (which doesn't say much about our company... hmmm!) Obviously it's meant as a joke and not a threat! Don't really break pinkies, guys!!!

I have a lot more I could show, but I'll spare you all that... for now! :)

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