Tuesday, August 2, 2016

To Blush or Not To Blush?

Sorry, the real question is when am I not blushing?? I heard a boy asking another coworker about this (regarding me) and I'd like to clarify: I'm always embarrassed and I'm always blushing. Especially when I am talking to dudes.

It's perpetual.

I think the sad thing is I literally didn't know people could see me blush until a couple weeks ago? I thought my skin had my back and was hiding all my wishy washy feelings but... Nah, I'm a beet. With acne. My skin/body hates me.

Ugh. Excuse me while I go hyperventilate. 

Let me change the subject right now to something way more interesting. My sweet, talented, so perfect ex-employee/friend from DC reached out to me the other day and wow, I really missed her?! Just talking to her and giving her my two cents about ~life~ was really nice. She posted this shout out afterwards and I was just floored by how thoughtful that was? Not bragging, but very grateful for having sweet people in my life, no matter the distance. Karina is currently in Chicago kicking ass as a designer and photographer for a cute start up company and I'm very proud of her. Her styling and design aesthetic is truly impeccable and I highly suggest you check her out and follow her rise as a successful artist! I mean, look at her hand lettering! My eyes are heart shaped right now, no joke. 

Usually my general presence makes peoples day way more sucky so... this is surprising.

Side note: according to my stats lately, my blog is very popular with those who live in Russia? Hey Russians! Thanks for looking at my crappy art, I appreciate you. Not stoked that you guys kind of tried to cheat the Olympics with that sketch drug test situation, but... we're cool.

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