Monday, October 17, 2016

Weekly Briefing

Hi! I promised an update and I'm not known for breaking promises, so here it goes! 

I went up to Michigan a couple weeks back and visited my Nonno and Nonna and all my aunts and uncles and cousins and I got the chance to dive into some really hilarious photos. If you're wondering where I got all my good looks from, just check out the gene pool I'm swimming in. (Oh my god, I am joking. I look like an actual alien.) Style and big hair evidently runs deep in the DeLorenzo bloodline... as does male premature balding. (Sorry Nonno, sorry Dad.) 

I haven't seen many photos of my dad as a human baby child so it's pretty amazing to realize he had a life before I existed?! Like what? The world doesn't revolve around me? People's lives had purpose and meaning before 1991? Insane. 

These poster size pictures are hanging in my Nonno and Nonna's basement and they are priceless. My dad is the second to the left. Nonno cut all of his children's hair and I think that's very important to remember when looking at these photos. 

Anyways my trip was very ~emotional~ and sad and tough, but it was very much needed and I am grateful I was able to take some days off and make it happen. 

Here is a photo of baby Danielle and it looks like I'm trying to make out with my dinner.
This seems to explain myself more than words ever could.
A quick watercolor study of a jolly rancher. I eat way too much candy at work. 

Sneak peak at something I will be selling soon! Vinyl stickers!
Super amazing quality and color and I'm in love?! Like, so in love that I'm no longer interested in boys.
Currently seeking partnership with stickers of my own illustrations. Serious inquiries only. 

I have an art show in less than a month and I'm bugging out! I bought my table space back in May and I have nothing to sell but my own soul. I usually work well under the pressure of a deadline but I'm actually nervous. I'll be fine, probably. Maybe. Eh. We'll see.


Oh! And P.S.

Obviously I got my new computer! I was way excited and then I looked at my credit card statement and was way less excited. But my baby is bigger and better than ever and I'm so glad I spent so much money on a portable Netflix viewing machine. 

I also found a free Xerox machine on the side of the road!? It ended up costing me some blood (long story) but ultimately the owner was trashing a perfectly functioning copier. (This makes me sound like a weird street rat hoarder, but I have never gathered other people's garbage before... just a FYI.) I wouldn't say it was fate, but god damn, it was a very lucky coincidence that my eyes left the road briefly enough to see this beauty parked by the street. I go to Kinkos (or FedEx Office as the young people say) an insane amount of times to print art related stuff. Like so much so that the employees knew me and my life story-- it was weird. Now I can copy my face in the luxury of my own home. 

Rewatched one of my top TV show, Freaks and Geeks, and this has got to be my favorite quote. It applies to boys too, duh. 

Major side note: Blogger is saying my main traffic for my blog is from porn websites. I don't even want to know why. 
(Bored to Death, another favorite.)


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