Monday, October 10, 2016

World Mental Health Day

Pick Me Up
(But seriously, I have given up on knowing what is coming up next.)
Hey there! Sorry for the lack of updates, it's not because there is a lack to update you all about. Things have happened, promise. More on that later.

Wanted to quickly post about World Mental Health Day because well... it's important. To me and to a lot of my loved ones. 

A ton of people comment that I'm pretty open about "what's wrong with me" and they are usually surprised (that I am willing to talk about it, not that I have a disease. That's obvious haha.) Mental health has a stigma and it's so awkward and weird to talk about. Like, if you have any sort of mental issue, people assume you're a psychopath. My brain's not healthy, but it's not all bad. Anyways... after silently suffering for a long time, being open about the downs in my life has really helped me connect with others and more importantly, my own self and my own truth. That sounds lame, I get it, but I don't think there is a way to make that sound hip or cool, so I am just leaving it. 

Art has always been a therapeutic experience for me (duh!,) especially hand lettering. Even though I have recently lost a lot of motivation and I have been described by some to "be in a rut," I am still really trying to make things whenever I have the mental energy. 

Last week I got Adam J. Kurtz's new book, Pick Me Up and honestly... the man can do no wrong. I have been ~mildly~ obsessed with him since college and wow, him making a feelings journal is basically dreams coming true. I have been forcing myself to sit down and draw or write at least once a day and I have been enjoying myself. (Side note: wow, what an eloquent book review.) 

I also sat down and made this quickly. It's a random quote I read somewhere that I typed into the notes on my phone (sorry, no source?!) but I obviously connected with it. This is not a call for help, so don't freak out. Like, seriously, I'm cool guys. 

Anyways, let's all be nice to each other and smile more and also be open to talking about all the feelings that we're feeling. It's okay to not feel okay. It's okay to be sad. 


This is another quote I made real, real quick. It's from Shameless when that drunk professor schools Lip on life. He says "We only have two jobs on this Earth: to learn and to cope." Ain't that the truth?

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