Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Creative Criticism

Trimmed my hair, like, 3 inches??? and everyone at work had a hay day? It doesn't even look different, I don't understand. 

My favorite interaction after a haircut is the classic:

Other Person: "Did you cut your hair??!"
You: "Yeah." 
Other Person: "... Okay
Like, that person is SO disappointed in your appearance they can't even say one nice thing. Or pretend to say something nice. Or be human and be compassionate. They just have to point out that you made a huge mistake and then walk away.

Stranger: "Did you get a haircut?"
You: "Yeah."
Stranger: "Well, do YOU like it?"
You: *mental middle finger* 

You: "What?"
Dude: "YOUR HAIR!!!!!!"
You: "Alright."

People are kind of the worst. Just sayin'

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