Thursday, December 15, 2016


That color scheme, though. 😍

Got a tight package in the mail today (that contains some Christmas presents so I can't really show you everything right now) BUT look at how beautiful Eddie's art is!

I ordered a bunch of his movie icons that he designed and screen printed and they are just so good. Yellow is my favorite color so I'm totally heart eyes right now. I also got one of his enamel pins that is super X-File/Roswell-esque and I'm going to wear it on all my jackets so the aliens know I'm truly into them. 

Side note: I was so pathetic in art school that Eddie felt bad for me for always sitting alone in our Typography class and he pity friended me. Isn't that the nicest thing? Now he lives in Austin and screen prints for a living and makes sweet designs like these on the side.

Buy your own cool shit from Eddie here!
And check his work out here

Totally cool. 

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