Friday, May 13, 2016

Cryday the 13th

Any day in the life of Danielle could be considered Cryday (I'm emotional,) but today is actually Friday the 13th and it's time for my favorite tradition! Tattoo parlor around the world (probably, did not fact check) have Friday the 13th tattoo specials and looking at all the really bizarre, terrible gag ideas they come up with (and that people wait in line for!) is just... hilarious. Some places here ink people for $13 and it's really great. (Check out the tag #fridaythe13thtattoos and then thank me later.)

Clockwise from the top left: Rob McElchenny a la Always Sunny, dumb bone tattoo idea to show you're tough, a WAHHHbulance, a cool LL Cool J reference, sad toaster strudel, Kylie Jenner's lips and Sandlot reference.

Anyways, last year, I came up with my first flash sheet making fun of the idea of cheap, perfunctory tattoos, and I had time to dream up some new ones last night. (I'm honestly questioning why no one is questioning why I drew a sad toaster strudel...)

Side note: this is not directed at anyone in particular, I'm just having fun! I honestly don't care if you get cheap tattoos or expensive tattoos or if they do or don't have meaning. PLEASE consider getting Mac tattooed onto your neck though, I would really love to see someone appreciate my creativity. THX

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